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The AKE-NET company specializes in fiberglass products of various applications. Our leading products are fiberglass mesh for polystyrene and mineral wool, which are used to make the reinforcing layer, which is the substrate under the fine plaster.
The above-mentioned products are offered in specific colors and with the prints described in the specifications. However, it is possible to customize the product for the customer in the form of a selected color and logo printing directly on the grid.

In addition to standard polystyrene grids, we can offer other meshes manufactured by ADFORS (VERTEX). These are glass fiber products, impregnated, having a very different purpose and design (different mesh size, range of surface mass from 50 g / m2 to 525 g / m2).

Nasze produkty

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    Fiberglass mesh AKE 145

    The AKE Grid 145 is widespread in production and assembly as well as in many insulation factories of leading manufacturers of construction chemicals. It is used for the design of the reinforcing layer, which is a good substrate for fine plaster. Full of origin for bills. Provided by AKE-NET, concealed grids with accuracy to components and devices before mechanical roasting.

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    Fiberglass mesh AKE 170

    The AKE Grid 170 is distributed both at home and abroad and is used in many factory insulation systems of leading manufacturers of construction chemicals.

    It is used to make a reinforcing layer, which is a good substrate for fine plaster. When acting as a reinforcement, it must be adequately durable and resistant to alkali. The fiberglass mesh cones provided by AKE-NET are an indispensable element in limiting thermal deformation and protection against mechanical damage.

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    Fiberglass mesh OPTIMA-NET 150

    The offered OPTIMA-NET Grid is part of a complete building insulation system. It is used to make a reinforcing layer, which is a good substrate for fine plaster. The mesh is embedded in the adhesive mortar layer. Acting as a reinforcement, it is adequately durable and resistant to alkali.

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    Glass fiber mesh, used for reinforcing spouts. The grid replaces previously used metal mats, eliminating most of the drawbacks associated with their use.

In our offer, add by adding articles obtained above, you will find other grids from a reliable source that show different workmanship and workmanship. If you need such articles, please contact us.

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